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Countries Open to US Citizens without Restrictions

If you want to get on a plane, like yesterday, like I do, here is the tiny list of countries that will allow US Citizens into their borders. No visa, no Covid-19 test, no quarantine. As of January 2021, you will have to take a covid test to return to the United States.


Our neighbor to the south has opened to visit their white sand beaches, jungles, cloud topped mountains, pyramid ruins and volcanos. With endless possibiities an dlcose proximity it's the perfect place to dip your foot back into international vacations.


If you don't know anything about Albania, you are not alone. Despite the lack of interest from American tourists, the country has a lot to offer. It is a unique blend of religions and cultures with gorgeous beaches, green valleys, archeologicals sites, UNESCO historic villages, lakes, rivers and forests.


One of the few Caribeean countries with no restrictions, Santo Domingo is a short plane ride and a tropical escape.

You can enjoy the diverse nature in the national parks, mountains, rivers, and beaches and explore the intriguing history and rich culture.


A fascinating mix of Mediterranean, Greek, Roman and Ottoman culture, North Macedonia has a plethora of off the beaten path sites. Historic moastaries, forts, lakes, rivers and montains and wine country.


Waterfalls, rain forest, hot springs, wellness retreats, food and culture, you cannot go wrong in

this tiny country.

You can technically travel but I wouldn't reccommend it




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