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  • What does my itinerary include?
    Your custom itinerary includes a day by day outline of your trip with accommodation, flight, restaurant, shopping, tour and activity recommendations based on your wishes. All recommendations are well researched and curated into short lists for you to choose from based on your preferences and budget. Your itinerary will be hosted online and can be download as a pdf.
  • How long will it take to build my itinerary?
    The time required will depend on the destination, length and style of the trip. The amount of research needed will dictate the delivery of your first draft. Delivery times will usually be 3-5 days, up to 14 days for complicated group trips.
  • Can I add or remove things from my itinerary?
    Absolutely; A round of edits is included in the service so you can request to fine tune the itinerary as you wish. You may choose to follow your itinerary to the letter when you go on your trip or skip some things.
  • Why pay for a travel planner?
    Time is money and personal experience is key to a great vacay. If you want a well researched itinerary without spending the time needed, a planner is for you.
  • How much is an itinerary?
    An individual itinerary starts at $60 per day for up to 4 people, each additional person is $20 per day. Days 1-7 are calculated at $60 per day Days 8-14 are calulated at $0 per day Days 15-28 are calculated at $30 per day * I do not count your departure day Example: A 10 day trip for 3 people = $60 x 7 days = $420
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    Yes, in order to start the process of building an itinerary, you will need to deposit 30% of the estimated itinerary price. The number of days will determine the total cost of your itinerary and you will receive a proposal outlining an estimated cost and deposit invoice. You may make your payment online by credit card.
  • Do you receive commissions or kick backs?
    I choose to charge for planning services rather than steer a client to a particular activity or hotel because of commissions. In this way you know that all of my suggestions are sincere and aimed at providing you with the best information for your trip. An exception would be if you choose the additional booking services. Commissions on travel agent booked hotels and activities are standard and do not affect the prices for the client. They are built into all prices of businesses that offer commission so when you book yourself you are absorbing the commission payouts of travel agents. Some hotels and activities do not offer commission so a 7% surcharge will be added to the overall price for the service of booking, much like what happens on platforms like Viator. The additional booking services invoice includes a cost breakdown with all commissions and surcharges cleary marked and completely transparent.
  • When will I get the accommodation options?
    Because accommodations often change depending on the group size, we'll send the exact options for your group out to you when the group numbers are close to final.
  • How much is an itinerary for group travel?
    A group itinerary is calculated in the same way as an individual itinerary with an extra fee of $20 per day for each additional person. We also offer an all-inclusive package that provides a comprehensive budget and full logistical support. This includes services such as booking, scheduling, communication with vendors, handling changes, and providing payment links and instructions. The cost for this all-inclusive package is an additional 15% of the total cost of all included items. Example: For a 10-day trip for 8 people, if the total cost for transportation, three guided tours, and a cooking class is $800, an additional 15% will be added to this cost as part of the all-inclusive package.
  • Can I profit from organizing a group trip?
    Yes you can! You can include the cost of Travelina services to the total per person budget of your trip which means that all of your guests will share the cost of the trip planning. You can also add a per person profit to your trip as compensation for organizing, marketing, promoting, booking and distributing the itinerary. The amount is up to you.
  • What is included in Travelina's Influencer trip services?
    Together we will build a dynamic trip catered to your interests and audience. Your trip package will include: -A customized itinerary to put on either your own website or third party platform -Itemized trip budget including any profits, cost of planning services, deposit date and payment installment reccommendations -Vendor list of all activities, transportation, restaurants and accommodation included in your itinerary, you have only to book them -Third party platform reccommendation to collect funds - Airfare research - "How To Lead a Group Trip" Guide - My group trip planning expertise plus email advice throughout the process and trip
  • How do I travel for free?
    Your costs for everything on the itinerary will be incorporated into the per person price of the trip. Basically, your expenses are evenly distributed amongst the guests on your trip. You can choose an airfare stipend and purchase your airfare when you have enough guests to confirm your trip. You may also include another free person on your trip if you believe it will add value to your trip but you need to also be sure that the cost of the trip is in the spending range of your audience and fair.
  • How far in advance should I plan and promote a trip?
    International travel is in a state of flux at this writing but generally the earlier, the better. Planning should start at least 8 months prior to your desired travel date and promotion and sign ups should start 6 months prior.
  • How will I book all of the activities?
    Once you've collected the money from your guests, you can you use the vendor list included in your itinerary to start booking the activities, transportation, guides and accommodation for your trip.
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