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don't let planning stress ruin your vacation

Girls trip, family vacay, birthday bash, or just a bunch of like minded people wanting to travel together. From figuring out the budget, having options for everyone , finding the perfect accommodation with the right bed configuration for your group, organizing group transportation, finding fun group activities, there are so many details that go into organizing a trip for even small groups, you do not want to have to worry about it, promise. 


Influencer Trips
get to know your audience and travel for free

Your followers are longing to engage with you; provide them with a once in a lifetime experience and at the same time get a free trip and content for your social media channels. Travel for free without the obligation to produce content for sponsors like hotels or restaurants; You'll be the master of your own time unlike a sponsored trip or press trip. The unsponsored posts you will be able to produce will build credibility and authenticity with your followers but your still won't pay a dime.

Are you a vidoegrapher, yogi, photographer or adventure traveler? Together we'll craft a customized itinerary that includes your speciality and that will appeal to your followers and add value to your trip. Put the itinerary on your website or I'll help you set you up with a third party site to host your trip and take payments.

The cost of the trip, your profit and the itinerary..... all customized to appeal to your audience.

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